Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday November 6th Rehearsal

There is no Youth Theatre rehearsal tonight, so all Ozians can participate in the Ozian Dance Review at St. John's Episcopal Church, corner of 12th and Buffalo Streets.

On the Main Stage we will be working Act One Scene 8-13: Dorothy, Triplets, Crows, Trees, Snowkins, Glinda, Wicked Witch

Dorothy and Triplets at 6pm (sans Lion who is excused)

Can we have Crows at 6pm, Trees at 6:30pm, Wicked Witch at 6:30pm, Glinda at 7pm

Crows and Trees when finished can return to Dance Review.

34 DAYS TO OPENING NIGHT. Please pay close attention to the schedule and make EVERY attempt to be at rehearsal unless you have a bona-fide conflict. Your fellow cast depends on you to be there as part of the team.

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