Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hello all - cast, crew and friends. Below is the scehdule for the next week to prepare our set for the show. As you know, we are squeezed this weekend with two other events so it is severely limiting the time we have on our own stage to prepare our own any help you can give would be greatly appreciated on these dates:

Tue Nov 25 10am-6pm
Unbolt seats, build extension, install traps
Wed Nov 26 10am-6pm
Finish Tuesday work, paint extension
Thu Nov 27 10am-6pm
Cut out foam set pieces, paint castle and kansas backdrops, finish traps
Fri Nov 28 10am - until concert!
Sat Nov 29 10am - until Sat night show arrives
Haul flats, props, platforms, continue painting backdrops, put up castle flats, strike electric
Sun Nov 30 10am-5:00pm
Assemble side stages, hang wizard, corn, balloon pieces
Mon Dec 1 10am-6pm
Assemble castle, paint, trouble-shoot.

This is the tentative work schedule - the more help we have, the more we get done. The most important thing right now is building the extension Tue and Wed.

More set times for next week will be posted on Sunday.

Thank you.....

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