Friday, November 21, 2008

Dance Rehearsal Sat Nov 22 / Costume Note!

Dance Rehearsal for Sat. Nov 22 is at 1pm at Studio 22 - Ozians and Jitterbugs please....


The Costumer will be at the Warehouse Mon Nov 24 and Tue Nov 25 at 5pm both nights. If you do NOT have a costume picked, or need alterations done, you MUST see her either one of those nights.

According to our lists, the following people have not been costumed:

Priscilla Earhart, Ameila Eiger, Michelle Schull, Sara Toombs, Aaron Hoffman, and Grace Burwell. You need to get to the warehouse and pick out a costume OR bring in something for approval before Tuesday evening's rehearsal.

***Just because you think a costume isn't sexy does not mean you can wear just anything...if you don't want to wear the costumes that are picked out for you for that reason, then we have the breathing room to have you leave the show. We are not interested in your vanity.***

If you have been costumed, THANK YOU for your cooperation....

The Wizard.

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