Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rehearsal Nov 20 and Costume Note.....

Rehearsal for Thursday November 20th-6pm Little Theatre.
All Winkie and Monkey scenes .... need Dorothy, Triplets, Wicked Witch, Monkeys, Winkies,Winkie General.....

So the Wizard has heard that some Ozians think the Ozian costumes aren't "Sexy" enough. We've also heard that they want to rent their own. Spread the word - all costumes get approved by Ted prior to dress rehearsal. There is no budget to rent costumes individually; anyone who does will not be allowed to perform.

If being "sexy" is necessary for you to be on stage, then might the Wizard suggest you are in the wrong show. This is a family show - with children in the cast. All cast will wear the costumes that are selected from the show and approved by the Director. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The Wizard knows who you are!

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