Monday, December 1, 2008

Tue Dec 2 Rehearsal and Notes

Hello all,
First, thank you for the vote of confidence in stepping into the role of The are a great cast and we are going to have a fantastic show....just keep reviewing your lines, songs, and blocking...we're not there yet. I am pushing you guys hard but that's because we can do professional quality theatre in community theatre....and you are setting the bar higher for the next show to reach for....just remember it will all be worth it once we get to opening night and a packed house showers their love and appreciation on you for five consecutive shows....

Tue Dec 2 Rehearsal - Main Stage
5:00pm Dorothy/Wizard
5:30pm Dorothy/Triplets/Wizard
6:00pm Run Act TWO - run from top to bottom, then clean any and all scenes.

We will start working with props on Wed and Thursday.....we will start working with costumes in rehearsal on Monday Dec 8.....

We definitely still need help this week with sets...especially on Saturday and possibly Friday....we still have to assemble the witch's castle, scarecrow's lot, the forest backdrop, Professor's campsite, Munchkin land houses, Kansas backdrop-house-incubator, Emerald City Gates, Great Big Oz Head foundation, and the Balloon.....

Please please please let Ed or a producer know if you can help out at all between Tuesday and this Sunday.....thanks

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