Monday, December 8, 2008

Dec 9th Rehearsal Tuesday

Tuesday December 9th - Call is at 6pm, Run at 7pm.
5:30pm-Ben and JD to work balloon lift
6:00pm - Mic Check - all who wear mics
6:15pm - Munchkins onstage to look at gum drop placement
6:30pm - Dorothy, Triplets, Great Big Head to run timing on scenes
6:45pm - Preset.

No watching from the audience. Full costume and make-up....

Munchkins - you MUST stay in the Little Theatre unless escorted out by a Munchkin Monitor parent - no looking at trees, no using lobby bathrooms, no sneaking out. If you do not follow the directions of the Munchkin Monitors, you will be asked to leave the show. This is for your safety and so you are not distracted and miss entrances.

Ozians - ALL OZIANS WILL WEAR GREEN GLASSES FOR OZ. We are ordering more to replace the ones that were deliberately broken (oh yes, I KNOW). Thanks to some of you, we have an added expense now to the show....please congratulate yourselves. Starting Wed night, any Ozian without green glasses will NOT go on stage. This is not negotiable....if you don't want to wear the green glasses, see me so we can take you out of the show. Non-negotiable.

To everyone who is working hard - thank you very much. This is an excellent show and I received very good and constructive feedback from a fellow director watching tonight's rehearsal.....

See everyone Tuesday night.....

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