Saturday, December 6, 2008

Production Update/Dec 7 Schedule

Greetings all,
Set build is going thanks to everyone who helped out today...what a day. So far, we have painted the base coats of the witch's castle, scarecrow backdrop, jungle backdrop, woven 11 trees, built an hourglass, resized the cart, sewed the poppy drop, cut and painted the munchkin houses, upholstered three chairs, finished 60 pairs of oz glasses, assembled two emerald city doors/gates, moved lighting instruments, built the tunnel bypass, and removed one railing.

Yet to go on SUNDAY DEC 7 - put up scarecrow set, finish details on witch's castle, cut and paint munchkin backdrop, put up wagon/forest unit, finish chicken incubator, finish cooking fire, paint house, paint EC gates, paint poppy drop, hang trees on scrim, build base for crystal ball, test witch's lift, test pyrotechnics, build great big head base unit, set-up microphones/monitors, clean dressing rooms, clean green room, and who knows what else we find.....

So as you can see, Sunday would be a great day for people to come on in and lend a hand....


Orchestra Rehearsal Sunday 2pm - all orchestra members - cast are welcome to come and listen, but this is an orchestra rehearsal and they won't be stopping for us...

Tech Rehearsal Sunday 6pm - all stage crew (including all Winkies) needed to run cues for scene changes and other effects.


Monday December 8 - Dressing Room assignments will be posted at the theatre.
Little Theatre- Munchkins

Backstage - Dorothy, Glinda, Wicked Witch, Henry, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, Aunt Em, Winkies, Guard/Nikko, Trees, Crows

St. John's Church - All OZIANS not listed above (not appearing Act One Scenes 1-12).

More details will be posted Sunday evening on the blog and at the theatre during day.

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