Friday, October 3, 2008

Characters in the Wizard of Oz.

These are the roles/parts that we are looking to cast this coming week in auditions....

Dorothy-A young girl frustrated with her sheltered life and yearning for adventure “over the rainbow.”
Aunt Em-A stern yet loving mother-figure and Dorothy’s guiding light.
Uncle Henry-Father figure to Dorothy and owner of the farm.
Hunk/Scarecrow-farmhand and companion of Dorothy in Oz; looking for a brain.
Hickory/Tin Man-farmhand and companion of Dorothy in Oz; looking for a heart.
Zeke/Cowardly Lion-farmhand and companion of Dorothy in Oz; looking for “da nerve”.
Miss Gultch/Wicked Witch of the West-Seeks vengeance on Dorothy who she believed killed her Sister, the Witch of the East.
Professor Marvel/Wizard of OZ-a charlatan; pretends to be knowledgeable and powerful to cover up his insecurities
Glinda the Good Witch of the North-Dorothy’s guiding light and protector through OZ.

The Munchkins
-the childlike inhabitants of Munchkin Land, under protection of Glinda. Large ensemble including the following roles: Mayor, Barrister, Coroner, Tots, Tough Guys (lollipop guild), Fiddler, Braggart, School Teachers, City Fathers

The Emerald City Citizens-care-free, fun-loving inhabitants of the wonderful capital of OZ. Large ensemble including the following roles: Guard, Beauticians, Polishers, Manicurists, and several speaking parts.

Winkie General and the Winkie Army-enslaved by the Wicked Witch to do her bidding.

Nikko, Monkey Commander, and the Monkeys – “pet” enforcers of the Wicked Witch.

The Crows
and The Trees – inhabitants of the forest; sing with Scarecrow and Tin Man.

The Jitterbug – enchants Dorothy and her companions, helped by the Ghosts who inhabit the forest.

All ages are encouraged to audition.

We are also looking interested individuals to be on the stage crew, which will have a vital part in bringing the show together.

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