Monday, October 13, 2008


Today is the day that filming began on the MGM movie" The Wizard of Oz" starring Judi it is only fitting we announce....

The following people have been invited to be part of the cast for FCOA's 2008 50th Anniversary production of The Wizard of Oz!
A finalized cast list will be presented in about a week when additional parts are assigned in rehearsals.

Dorothy Gale- Molly Burkett
Toto- Moesley Holland-Smith
Aunt Em- Peg Hennessy
Uncle Henry- Tom Last
Zeke/ Cowardly Lion- Mike Leisher
Hickory/Tin Woodsman- Jacob Krupitzer
Hunk/ Scarecrow- Bret Sloan
Professor Chester Marvel/ Wizard of Oz- Justin Stewart
Miss Almira Gultch/Wicked Witch of the West- Jaime Agnello
Glinda, Good Witch of the North- Linda Leisher

Munchkin Ensemble:
Mayor- David Zlotnicki
Samuel Bishop, Wesley Bishop, Bridget Carter, Makenzie Cavalline, Hannah Dean, Hannah Dickson, Sydney Dunlap, Kachina Earhart, Lauren Greenlee, Kristina Hartle, Maria Kleck, Steven Kline, Ashlyne Lawrence, Grace Lawrence, Katie Lawson, Hannah McQuaide, Rachel Marlatt, Cole Perrine, Jordyn Plymire, Chloe Rapp, Isabel Romanowski, Gabriella Russell, Olivia Russell, Ryan Schiffer, Regan Scott, Ali Shepard, Caroline Stevens, Car Sorrena

The roles of Coroner, Barrister, City Fathers, Tots (Lullaby Guild), Tough Guys (Lollipop League), Fiddler, Braggart, and School Teachers will be assigned in rehearsals.
Some of the Munchkin Ensemble will be asked to be Ghosts and Snow People (for poppy scene).

Emerald City Ensemble
Emerald City Guard- James A. Parker
Destanie Armagost, Stephen Bishop, Liesl Bittner, Ben Bodamer, Jeri Bolton, Brett Broatz, Gracie Burwell, Stephen Dennis, John Dominic-Heim, Kirk Douglass, Priscilla Earhart, Amelia Eiger, Karen Eismont, Jenna Fulkerson, Miya Gossett, Allison Greenlee, Molly Hennessy, Arron Hoffman, Mike Hovis, Anne Marie Hutchinson, Lizzy Ivell, Darcie Jenkins, Jill Kellner, Katie Kirby-Rogers, Amanda Knecht, Chris Knecht, Leisel Kober, Joy Lamphere, Alexa Larson, Dana Larson, Tim Lyons, Tara Martin, Hannah McCarthy, Tish McClintock, Geralyn McMullen, Theresa Nestor, Hallie Palmer, Joe Perrotti, Wendy Peterson, Teddy Polk, Aaron Ritsig, Andrew Ritsig, Taylor Russell, Jocelyn Sauer, Meghan Schill, Michelle Schull, Kathleen Thompson, Sara Toombs, Erika Vorse, Rachel Webb, Jenny Williams, Chrissy Wolfgong, Alyssa Zlotnicki

The roles of Beauticians, Polishers, Manicurists, speaking lines for Oz Men and Oz Woman will be assigned in rehearsals.Some of the Emerald City Ensemble will be asked to be Ghosts and Snow People (for poppy scene).

Witch’s Winkie Army (also in Ensemble)
General – Tim Lyons
Stephen Bishop, Ben Bodamer, Brett Broatz, John Dominic-Heim, Kirk Douglass, Arron Hoffman, Mike Hovis, Teddy Polk

Witch’s Monkeys (also in Ensemble)
Nikko (Commander of Monkeys) - Joe Perrotti
Destanie Armagost, Stephen Dennis, Jill Kellner, Chris Knecht, Alexa Larson, Geralyn McMullen, Jocelyn Sauer
Some cast will also be asked to fill additional Winkie and Monkey roles….

Forest Characters (also in Ensemble)
Crows- Aaron Ritsig, Andrew Ritsig
Trees - Liesl Bittner, Jeri Bolton, Gracie Burwell, Miya Gossett, Katie Kirby-Rogers, Sara Toombs
Snow People-to be determined from cast
Ghosts-to be determined from cast
Jitterbug-To be Announced.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned!

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